What is Custom Packaging?

November 15, 2022

You’ve got a great product, and you’re ready to sell it. But how do you get that product into the hands of your customers without compromising its quality?

The answer is simple: MBX Custom Packaging.

MBX Custom Packaging is an opportunity to enhance your customer’s out-of-box experience and protect your products from damage during shipping. It’s the “wow factor” that can add significant perceived value to your products without significant cost.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

By creating a unique out-of-box experience for your customers, you’re laying the groundwork for customers to understand what they are receiving with each step of the unboxing process. Who doesn’t love opening an eye-catching package? This anticipation means that they’ll be more likely to get the product installed quickly and feel satisfied with their purchase.

Protecting Your Products From Damage

To ensure that your products arrive to your customers in optimal condition we adhere to ISTA® Packaging Testing standards. ISTA stands for International Safe Transit Association, the organization that provides packaging testing to make sure packages are prepped properly to withstand shipping conditions and get to their destination undamaged.

The tests simulate transportation conditions, including vibration, impact, temperature, and acceleration to gauge the likelihood of goods being damaged during transit. This means you can avoid potential product and financial loss due to breakage and damage during shipping.

It also enables use of the ISTA Transit Tested Certification Mark, which is an assurance that goods have been tested and proven to withstand the rigors of shipping, so you can rest easy knowing your product will arrive in optimal condition.

Simplify Product Setup

Have you considered custom foam inserts and accessory boxes for your packaging? These keep your hardware and accessories snug while adding to the  unique unboxing experience. Neatly partitioned, labeled and boxed accessory items also expedites installation by allowing customers to easily identify where each part goes.

How to get started

Curious about custom packaging for your product shipments? Speak to your MBX Account Manager to see if it’s a smart option for your products. Not an MBX customer but curious about our manufacturing and/or logistics services? Contact us!

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