What is Verification Testing?

November 14, 2022

Verification Testing: What it is and What it’s Not

What is Verification Testing?

When new software is being designed to run on hardware, one of the most important aspects of the project is the hardware verification step. Software developers don’t want to become hardware experts, so we take on that role to make sure every step of the process is efficient and easier for our customers.

A team of engineers completes the important verification testing phase throughout the development cycle. As part of hardware design and set-up, verification testing involves making sure that the predetermined requirements of the software are being met and all the elements are completed during development, including software and hardware engineering, to meet and comply with a predetermined set of standards and requirements. The testing is done to verify that the design and architecture are engineered correctly and error-free.

Some of the most common hardware testing services would include confirming that the proper drivers and security measures are set up and they adhere to appropriate standards and performance criteria, and verifying that the hardware can perform at its peak under normal operating conditions or, when required, atypical conditions such as extreme heat or vibration. Another hardware testing service that’s part of the verification process is making sure the proper documentation is in place and complete. Other aspects of verification testing include testing the software to make sure it works as intended and ensuring that the right quality assurance processes are in place prior to production.

Validation vs Verification: The Difference

While they are often intermixed, validation is not the same as verification. They have different goals as well as methods used. Verification testing is done as a crucial last step in the engineering process to make sure the product is commercially viable and meets the customer’s needs and expectations, whereas validation testing is completed for each production order as it undergoes the software configuration process.

In simpler terms, verification testing checks that a product meets set specifications and validation ensures the product meets the needs of the end user. Verification finds errors in the development process and validation finds issues in the production process.

Why Verification is Important

It’s important because it reduces the chance of errors that may occur in later stages of production. Another benefit of verification testing is that it will give all of the important stakeholders an understanding of how the product can be developed more effectively in future revisions. Verification testing ensures maximum efficiency because it reduces the development time by making sure that all standards and requirements are consistently being met.

How MBX Verifies Hardware

At MBX, every new product we design for our customers undergoes the important hardware verification step, and we have a team of experienced verification engineers tasked with the job of verification testing. Our engineering change control and image verification processes ensure the right software version is installed on every production unit.

Working with experts in complex products like MBX gives you peace of mind knowing every product has a unique bill of materials and set of instructions on how it’s to be built. Our award-winning Forge validation and testing platform ensures the correct software configuration is loaded and tested on every production unit. Inventory and diagnostic checks on system components are also part of our quality assurance process. We designed our facility from the ground up to ensure the needs of customers with complex and variable manufacturing specifications are met, and that’s why we’re able to maintain 99.6% quality workmanship.

To learn more about MBX and our full-service hardware programs, from hardware engineering, verification testing, lifecycle management and manufacturing through global logistics and support, contact us!

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