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Intel® Technology Provider Titanium

High-performance compute solutions rely on Intel CPUs

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Achieve maximum results for your technology with the latest intel solutions

Benefit from the exceptional expertise only an Intel Titanium partner can provide

Choose between deployment-ready platforms and custom solutions engineered by MBX

Platforms are designed with scalable processors, storage and memory optimized for the application

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Collaborate with MBX engineers to propel your hardware performance forward

Benefit from a hardware partner recognized for comprehensive training and hands-on expertise within the Intel ecosystem

Work with a dedicated platform engineer to seamlessly transition your platforms to next-gen Intel CPUs

Gain a competitive advantage by raising the bar for integrated hardware/software performance

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Accelerate the adoption and testing of the latest intel CPUs with your technology

Tight engineering relationships between MBX and Intel help bring new technologies to market faster

Exclusive partner resources allow MBX to obtain insights into product roadmaps and lifecycle planning

Architecture updates are run through a battery of tests to ensure your platforms are production-ready


The proof that shows we stand up to our claims


Quality manufacturing


On-time delivery


Customer retention

Gain unprecedented hardware visibility with

MBX Hatch™

  1. Configurable Products

  2. Engineering change control

  3. Work in progress tracking

  4. Shipment status

  5. Global logistics

  6. Warranty support

  • Hatch PowerEdge sensor

    Configurable Products

    Organizes components by type with possible variables compartmentalized beneath for easier order configuration

  • hatch change management

    Engineering change control

    Trace the history of every product update created, viewed and approved, and get notified about new ones

  • Hatch Sales Order Screenshot

    Work in progress tracking

    See your orders by work center as they progress through the route to completion

  • global logistics on hatch software

    Shipment status

    Receive notifications of shipments and deliveries, even for tracking non-MBX shipments

  • global export data on hatch software

    Global logistics

    Know your inventories and deployed products by location, where your products are certified to ship, and more

  • Hatch Dell warranties

    Warranty support

    Search warranties on deployed products by name, SKU, serial number or expiration date

Deployment-ready OEM platforms featuring Intel Xeon and core processors

Expedite time to market on pre-defined reference architecture, designed for your industry and customized for your technology

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