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Quality shines through every touchpoint in our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturing facility

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Configurable bill of materials

Unlike unwieldy spreadsheets, our configurable bill of material is comprehensive, locked down and revision controlled

Changes to materials or software can be simultaneously updated for all production variations

BOMs can only be revised with an approved engineering change order

Component lifecycle dates and country of origin are viewable at the product level to plan migrations and avoid surprises

If any other manufacturer made the order to fulfillment process easier than MBX, we couldn’t sustain our 99.3% customer retention

Component traceability & data harvesting

Knowing components’ country of origin is non-negotiable for some industries - we provide it for all

System-specific traceability is provided at the component level by serial number and SKU

Customizable data harvesting and test results are pushed into Hatch for permanent record

MAC addresses and firmware is harvested as well as operational pass/fail records

Comprehensive component data helps your support team easily track down warranty information

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Automated image, test and verification

Our facility is designed from the ground up to satisfy the needs of complex and variable manufacturing

Every product has a unique set of build instructions that we rely on to sustain our 99.6% quality workmanship

Engineering change control and image verification ensures the accuracy of every product configuration

Advanced process automation checks that the right software configuration is loaded and tested on the hardware

Electronic verification versus manual is used to run inventory and diagnostics checks on system components

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Work in progress visibility

Besides MBX, who else has the confidence to open the curtain for customers to see orders progress through work centers?

Get more accomplished with fewer resources knowing 99.1% of MBX orders get delivered on time

Eliminate the frustration of calling, emailing and waiting for vendors to respond with order updates

If a component or production issue arises, the order is flagged and visible in Hatch

Looking to bring your product to market quickly?

Check out our Varion® reference platforms engineered for your industry

Plus, a toolset with integrations that boost your productivity

  • Enables collaboration between your stakeholders and your MBX team
  • Allows rapid troubleshooting and timely resolution for orders in progress
  • Keeps everyone looped in with easy-to-track conversations
  • Import and refresh data between Excel and Hatch without cumbersome downloads
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