Delivering optimal memory and storage systems for a broad range of applications

Micron’s powerful technology provides dramatic improvements in moving, accessing and analyzing data

Fully optimized, industrial-grade memory solutions for better performance, reliability and compatibility with your platform design

Industry-validated choices for your system architecture to ensure long lifecycles and quality, to keep product management simple

Early access to models and components to accelerate the development and validation of your IP on the latest technologies

Extensive quality testing to ensure your solution receives the consistent and high-quality memory that your applications demand

MBX Benefits

  1. Platform Engineers

  2. System Architecture

  3. Detailed Roadmaps

  4. Engineering Change Management

  5. Inventory Management

  6. Warranty Support

  • Platform Engineers

    Engineers dedicated to your products have extensive experience in integrating Micron products and optimizing components for the application

  • System Architecture

    Complete solutions are rigorously tested and verified, then BOMs are locked down so every product goes out the door with precision

  • Detailed Roadmaps

    Technical collaboration between MBX and Micron ensures product lifecycle roadmaps are transparently available in Hatch for proactive planning

  • Engineering Change Management

    Every engineering change over the lifecycle of your products is maintained in a central traceable repository in Hatch

  • Inventory Management

    A comprehensive view of your inventory at each stocking location is available at the push of a button in Hatch

  • Warranty Support

    Search warranties on deployed products by name, SKU, serial number or expiration date, all consolidated in Hatch

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