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Long-life hardware solutions tailored to complex government deployments

Trusted Partners

A rock-solid reputation for delivering a robust solution starts with your own technology.


Customizing hardware for the complex variabilities of military and defense applications.

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Complex Hardware Engineering

Customized hardware solutions designed to integrate with your technology at the greatest performance to price

Applying innovation and agility to complex hardware for extended product lifecycles and improved cost efficiencies

Secure Chain of Custody

Stringent supply chain, infrastructure and network security practices ensure safe, accurate information

Gain peace of mind by knowing every process and is rooted in security 

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Inventory Management

Flexible, streamlined inventory approach drives efficient project installations

Inventory visibility makes it easy to track assets by component, by system and by project

Partnerships & Classifications

Checking all the boxes that meet your requirements from a hardware partner

Tap our extensive experience in cybersecurity and working with government contractors

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We need a hardware integrator with a strong engineering team, but we don’t want them telling us how to do our business. MBX lets us pick and choose the engineering tasks we want their help with. It’s a collaborative approach that is part of their corporate DNA.

Aechelon Technology

use our hardware orchestration platform for

program transparency

Customers have 24/7 access to MBX Hatch, a comprehensive toolset for teams to collaborate and manage every facet of their hardware program.


The proof that shows we stand up to our claims


Quality manufacturing


on-time delivery


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