Optio M150

Analytics / AI, Edge, Imaging, Inferencing

Powered by NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ high-performance architecture for complex AI edge devices

AGX Orin supports next-gen programmable Vision Accelerator engine (PVA v2.0) and contains a Multi-Standard Video Encoder (NVENC), a Multi-Standard Video Decoder (NVDEC), and a JPEG processing block (NVJPEG) in the same compact form factor as AGX Xavier.

  • 6x AI performance, 1.7x CPU performance and 1.4x memory bandwidth over the previous generation Xavier AGX hardware
  • Able to connect multiple sensors and streams for on device analytics
  • 12-core Arm® Cortex® processor
  • 64GB 256-Bit LPDDR5 memory
  • 275 TOPS AI performance
  • Integrated 1792-core, 56 Tensor Core / 2048-core, 64 Tensor Core NVIDIA Ampere GPU
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