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Your complex hardware program shouldn’t require complex engineering. MBX has the tools to streamline your platform design and make it easy to configure to your end user specifications.

Turbo boost your technology’s performance on hardware that’s designed for the long haul. MBX engineers are renown for mastering complex configuration challenges that others can’t solve.


Helping you bring new platforms to market on your terms, on hardware specifically configured with your product requirements and performance goals in mind.LEARN MORE



An MBX hardware engineer becomes an extension of your development team, keeping one eye on managing product lifecycle and the other on performance-enhancing technology.LEARN MORE


MBX platform engineers are very thorough. When we launched 12 new SKUs, MBX supplied technical guidance that allowed us to simplify the platforms with common components and improve performance and capacity with less overhead.

When it comes to engineering, better focus equals better results. We have no intention of telling you what you need until you tell us what you want to accomplish. Then the magic begins.