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New Product Architecture

You have a vision for the way people experience your products. MBX hardware engineers will bring your vision to life by architecting your hardware to keep you on the cutting edge.

Work closely with you and your products to optimize hardware performance, often integrating specialized components such as network acceleration and video add in cards

Meet your objectives for power consumption, thermal, acoustic, vibration and any other specialized requirements through our advanced verification testing capabilities

Consult with you about international markets to ensure all global regulatory, safety and country-specific certification requirements are met by our Global Compliance Engineers

Handle your end-user specific configuration needs, such as serial numbers and license keys and different distributions and requirements, in our advanced imaging infrastructure

Bring you early access to roadmaps and new hardware platform releases through our strategic OEM relationships with industry technology leaders such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel, Supermicro, Dell, and a variety of component manufacturers

Tackle your complex hardware engineering challenges with competencies in server engineering beyond most OEM hardware integrators, including full rack engineering

Previously, every customization we asked for required bringing in a third party and going through so many iterations that the projects dragged on and on. MBX handles these assignments in-house so they get done quickly and precisely to our specifications.

As your software evolves, so does the hardware running it. A dedicated MBX platform engineer keeps your systems humming as new software images, firmware, and components are architected into your platforms.