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Sustaining Architecture

You can expect your platform engineer to be responsive to your product goals and proactive with maintaining your hardware product lifecycle and recommending design improvements.

Configures and maintains your hardware platforms with components pinpointed for your product’s performance and priced to maintain your competitiveness

Creates scripts and process documentation to capture and manage updates to your software, firmware, BIOS, and functional testing

Enables seamless remote access for you to test your updated software and/or server hardware for compatibility and performance

Reduces the complexity of offering variable product configurations using a powerful Configurable Bill of Materials engine to allow hundreds of possible variations in a single BOM

Streamlines the product lifecycle management (PLM) process by tracking component failures, performance statistics, and end of life dates, with actionable migration strategies to maintain platform quality and performance

Provides transparency and traceability into engineering changes in a highly collaborative Change Management system that evolves into a comprehensive repository for all open and closed change orders

Since we provide a turnkey solution for easy on-premise deployment and management, the hardware side of the project was as important as our new software design. MBX not only provided the engineering expertise we needed to deliver a reliable appliance but also worked within a budget that allowed us to offer a competitive product.

Although your hardware is unique, every system has to be perfect when it leaves our plant. Take a look at our manufacturing process and you’ll understand our exceptional quality metrics.