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Global Logistics

You know the fast pass to growth is global market expansion, but the abundance of import/export regulations can be stifling. More than two-thirds of MBX customers deploy globally, so we’ve already done the legwork.

Export management program to meet regulatory requirements as needed for documentation, duties and taxes, freight handling, customs brokers, freight forwarders, and platforms containing specific technology such as data encryption

Compliance Engineers manage any necessary certification requirements ranging from full system testing and certification to country-specific requirements; Tier 1 server platforms are typically pre-certified for global deployment unless modified

Deployments through MBX Netherlands satisfies customs clearance for the entire EU and defers import duties and VAT

Full shipment dashboard in Hatch to manage the global export process, with expanded detail for worldview and itemized shipments, and real-time shipment status direct from the carrier

Finished goods inventory maintained and deployed from forward stocking locations in the EU, Singapore and Hong Kong, with the infrastructure to add new depots

Assistance with responsible disposal of retired hardware, including secure erasure and/or destruction of hard drives

MBX has the global services and locations in place now that will help us scale our business in the future. They have hubs everywhere we need to be. We can upload a disk image in a centralized portal that they can load on servers anywhere in the world, and then ship the products out for us.

How does MBX help you support your customers in far-flung corners of the world? Choose from a menu of options, from standard warranty services to same-day onsite support.