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Software Tools

If it takes you more than a few taps on a keyboard to access real-time data for your hardware program, that’s not time well spent. MBX develops the software tools to ensure a timely, cohesive bidirectional flow of critical program data.

MBX Hatch, our comprehensive customer portal aggregates real-time data on your entire hardware program that’s accessible anytime you need it, at the push of a button

Ability to submit new software images, customize packing slips and shipping labels, and generate RMA requests

View global inventory status, bills of material, open/closed orders, quotes, invoices, credits, inventory reorder points, and EOL status

Access lists of all manufactured systems with hardware detail and last location, harvested data such as asset tags, MAC addresses, serial numbers, and license keys, and historical data for RMA returns

Integrate your operations with ours using our MBX REST API to minimize order processing and administration time and costs

API interface efficiently let’s you sync new orders and view orders in process, automate order workflows, monitor inventory and shipments, and manage billing processes

Whenever we receive a Hawkeye order, we simply go to MBX’s customer portal and enter our retail customer’s information, address and configuration information for that particular build. MBX handles everything else related to assembling and delivering finished systems, whether it’s for a five-unit order or 500.

Performance matters. MBX engineers add value far beyond selecting components to run your hardware-based solution.