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Software Tools

Complex hardware programs require a small army to manage all the moving pieces. MBX provides software tools to simplify the hardware design, delivery, and deployment cycle. Our Hatch™ cloud-based toolset and RESTful API enable seamless collaboration between all participants.

Next-Gen Manufacturing Orchestration Software

Light years beyond a customer portal, Hatch is a big step toward centralizing the process of managing your complex hardware program under a single user interface.

Configurable Products

Offering your customers multiple component options for your hardware-based solution, such as the amount of memory or storage capacity, better supports their unique requirements, but managing the ordering process can be complicated. Hatch reduces the complexity of product variations and speeds order configuration by providing an easy-to-use Configurable Products feature set up with pre-defined component groupings that allow thousands of potential hardware permutations for your product on a single bill of materials.

Engineering Change Management

Anyone who struggles with keeping track of platform engineering changes can appreciate Hatch’s comprehensive change order and revision control feature. Hatch eliminates the use of spreadsheets, emails, and third-party applications and, instead, enables customers to create, view, and sign off on engineering change orders. All open and closed engineering change orders are retained in a traceable repository showing every change description, due date, status, review, and approval.

Work in Progress by Work Center

Don’t be caught off guard when your customer wants an update on exactly where their product is in production. As part of the Open Orders view, Hatch precisely tracks an order’s build progress down to the specific location in the workflow and shows expected completion date. You can monitor and report on any unexpected issue that may arise, such as a component availability problem, because Hatch flags it. This is particularly valuable if you’ve got a time-sensitive order with a strict fulfillment deadline.

Document and File Attachments

End the struggle of keeping track of file exchanges or locating prior reference documents. Hatch enables file sharing across all business objects in the document and file attachment feature. You and MBX can attach files right where you need them and easily find them when you need them. You can even attach password protected documents related to your hardware program that only your team can access.

Enhanced Inventory Management

With a few clicks, you’ll have access to all inventory-related data in Hatch. Visibility into your finished goods and raw materials on hand, allocated, and on-order for each product provides a holistic view for intelligent inventory management. The data can be used to generate custom reports from Hatch for sales reporting, inventory status, planning, and review, as well as to plan actions around inventory replenishment, liability, and build schedules.

Real-Time Shipment Tracking

If you want to be transparent with customers about the progress of their order delivery, you can rely on Hatch to give you up-to-the-minute tracking for products in transit. Hatch also consolidates shipping records with current and historical order data, providing a comprehensive view of all shipments originating from MBX facilities. Filter by any data set, including the carrier, tracking number, order number, PO number, date shipped, destination company name, state, country, or shipment status.

Streamline the product lifecycle management process with a powerful Configurable Bill of Material engine and a highly-collaborative Change Management system. Manage hundreds of product variations in a single BOM

Gain an unprecedented level of transparency across every step of the manufacturing process, always at your fingertips in the cloud. Hatch pinpoints the location of each order in production in real time based on the product’s workflow

Easily identify current locations for orders in transit originating from any MBX facility with the advanced shipment tracking capabilities, with historical shipping records to generate customized reports using any filtering data

Beyond just a collection of reports, human augmented insight combined with a powerful data platform help bring recommendations and insights across areas such as inventory optimization, product strategies, and quality improvements, ultimately leading to better business outcomes

Intelligent inventory forecasting and reporting is achievable with full visibility into finished goods and raw materials inventory on-hand and on-order

MBX’s RESTful API enables integration between your internal operations and MBX, to automate and streamline operational activities such as purchasing and order processing. Supports popular ERP platforms such as SAP, Oracle, and NetSuite

Whenever we receive a Hawkeye order, we simply go to MBX’s customer portal and enter our retail customer’s information, address and configuration information for that particular build. MBX handles everything else related to assembling and delivering finished systems, whether it’s for a five-unit order or 500.

Performance matters. MBX engineers add value far beyond selecting components to run your hardware-based solution.