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Create an out-of-box experience for your customers and reinforce your brand identity in the data center with custom branded servers. MBX branding specialists can design every touchpoint, from bezel to box.

Want to see your brand come to life?

Whether it’s a custom-designed shipping carton, a multi-layer custom faceplate with color-matched handles, powder coated chassis, or simply just replicating your existing branding design, options are available at any budget and quantity.

When we integrated the FireEye testing process into their Forge environment, the MBX IT team was very supportive. We wanted to obtain quality data, understand what the yields were, and examine any trends or failures. The Forge system collects all that data and sends it to us in a graphical format to evaluate.

When your sleek branding comes to fruition and your First Article Inspection system is in hand, it’s full steam ahead to manufacturing.