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If you’re not selling thousands of units at a time (yet), it’s best to choose a hardware partner with the ability to scale with your growth yet stay flexible for your product variability. Bringing complex hardware platforms to market is our sweet spot.

Award-winning quality, consistently exceeding 99.5% for defect-free workmanship, in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities located in the US and the Netherlands

Prototypes built and visually documented to specify every component location, cable turn, screw torque level, specialty bracket, custom labels, anti-tampering features and more

Unprecedented transparency across every step of the manufacturing process within a single cloud-based toolset, MBX Hatch. Hatch pinpoints the location of each order in production in real time based on the product’s workflow

Reduce ramp-up time for bringing new hardware platforms to market with our proprietary Forge production infrastructure, a powerful combination of advanced software and automation technology for configuration, imaging, and testing


Dedicated testing fixtures designed and maintained for customers needing specialized functional testing for non-standard components or end-user customization

One-to-many base platform option to unify multiple products, ready to pull from inventory and expedite through imaging and final assembly

Standard Platforms

  • Quick time to market
  • Off-the-shelf components
  • Optimized for application performance

Tier 1 Platforms

  • Respected OEM server brands
  • Standard and/or custom components
  • Global certifications and warranties

1U – 6U Platforms

  • Customized component configuration
  • Short-, mid- and full-depth 1U chassis
  • Full-depth 2U – 6U rackmount


  • Low noise and power consumption
  • Multiple connectivity, CPU and HDD options
  • Optional LCD

Front Port Platforms

  • Mid-depth rackmount platforms
  • Front ethernet ports and optional LCD
  • Label and cable color matching for easy installation

Modified/Custom Servers

  • Industrial design engineered for manufacturability
  • Optimized for hardware/software performance
  • Adaptable chassis, componentry, special tooling, and more

Rack Integration

  • Turnkey solution with multiple networked servers
  • Servers optimized for application performance
  • Full cable networking including switches

Since all of our customers require 24/7 reliability, it’s mission critical that we provide the most performant, fault-tolerant and efficient server-class hardware. MBX not only helps us accomplish that feat, but also goes the extra mile to ensure the future success of our company.

Once your systems are fully integrated and tested, our fulfillment services kick into gear. From inventory management to global logistics and support, we fulfill all your needs.