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Supermicro Partner

Flexible and customizable OEM server solutions, optimized for your software

Highly Configurable Hardware Designed for Performance

Supermicro is a leader in server technology innovation and green computing, providing the industry’s deepest array of servers and high-end workstation and storage systems. Supermicro provides flexible and customizable OEM server solutions that MBX works with extensively, to custom-engineer hardware platforms that optimize the performance of the software it runs.


MBX Platform engineers know all the in’s and out’s of Supermicro products and specialize in
integrating best-of-breed components to optimize the hardware for your software, maximizing both performance and efficiency.

Secure network hosting enables you to remotely update and test new software images and hardware performance. Large-scale deployments including full racks of integrated system are rigorously tested in our advanced imaging infrastructure.

Technical collaboration between MBX and Supermicro ensures a migration strategy for end of life components with approximately 90-day lead time, with planned EOL dates tracked in Hatch, MBX’s advanced customer portal. Engineering test samples for new Supermicro product introductions enable our engineers to update platform configurations and test for hardware/software compatibility.

With an extensive design gallery to serve as inspiration, our design specialists bring your brand to life on hardware, with customized faceplates, chassis, port labels, packaging, and inclusions, designed to convey a powerful out-of-box experience.

Extensive global stocking programs assure your products are in close proximity to your customers. Agile inventory program options include a managed inventory program with products invoiced as they ship, a notable financial benefit.

MBX global compliance engineers handle full system certifications on Supermicro-based appliances to ensure compliance with specific country laws for international market access.
Hardware support programs are managed by MBX and offer extended 4 and 5 year warranties, onsite support with various response times, and premium branded support. Onsite support coverage spans 140+ countries.

Working with a Supermicro Partner adds value beyond the services of a contract manufacturer or a systems integrator

As an OEM partner MBX is dedicated to managing turnkey Supermicro-based hardware programs, bringing high-performance products to market efficiently and cost effectively:

  • Technical collaboration to address the most challenging requirements with the right combination of server components from best-of-breed manufacturers
  • Custom configurations designed and tested for performance
  • Platform certifications to meet country and regulatory requirements
  • Full visibility into current and future product lifecycles
  • Broad global product support offerings to meet your customer SLA’s