Hatch Video Library

Welcome to the Hatch Video Library. We’re creating video tutorials for all sections of Hatch, with a description of the contents of each below to make it easier to navigate and put Hatch to use with your hardware program.

Introduction to Hatch

Light years beyond a customer portal, Hatch™ is the manufacturing orchestration software toolset developed by MBX Systems to centralize all the processes for managing your complex hardware program.

Engineering Change

Engineering Change is important because it gives you peace of mind that your products are properly controlled and unexpected behaviors will not occur in the field.

This video breaks down the engineering tools that allow control over all the features of your platforms – hardware, software and otherwise – with a historic view of how your platforms evolved over time, including who was involved in reviewing and approving engineering changes.




Global Compliance

Global Compliance is important because it makes it much easier for your team to manage the challenging and complex tasks of staying ahead of global deployment demands.

This video covers Global Compliance tools in Hatch and how to get the most out of them. Highlights include details on Global Destinations, Regulatory Certifications, tools to ease entry into new countries, your shipment history, and more.



Account Team Contacts

Account Contacts is important because it provides you easy access to a variety of contact methods to reach the different teams across MBX that can provide you help when you need it.

Hatch gives an overview of the members of your MBX team and how to get in touch with them for help whenever you need it.





Documents is important because it provides a central repository for all documents that pertain to your products and program and make it easy for your team to manage and track.

Hatch includes a feature that allows you to store documents that are relevant to your products and relationship with MBX. It becomes an easy-to-use repository for important documents to be preserved and to track them down when needed.





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