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When opportunity knocks we’ve got your back, seamlessly fulfilling your global product requirements as if you’ve been doing it forever.

Inventory Management

Agile inventory programs pave the way for smooth product deployments. A one-size-fits-all approach to inventory doesn’t work in the tech industry where no two companies are alike. Whether you benefit from a build-to-stock or build-to-forecast model, MBX will design an inventory program around your business’ needs. With direct deployment to end users from MBX facilities or global forward stocking depots, you’ll never need to touch your hardware. Inventory programs offered in the U.S. are mirrored at MBX Netherlands, including final assembly prior to deployment, to quickly fulfill pan-European orders. Additional forward stocking depots can serve your other global markets.

Access your inventory data for every stocking location with the press of a button in Hatch. You can filter your search by part number, item description, category, or ownership. Hatch also shows raw materials on hand, allocated, and on order and makes it easy to pull reports for inventory planning and data analysis.

Global Logistics

Managing deployments to 140+ countries and counting, we’ve got your logistics needs covered. Navigating global markets requires dedicated experts who understand the complexities of ensuring products get to where they need to be, when they need to be there. Put that stress behind you. MBX export management services cover everything from coordinating documentation, duties and taxes, freight handling, customs brokers, freight forwarders, and tracking of shipments in transit. Any new regulatory or country-specific product certifications you want to pursue are facilitated by our global compliance experts.

Hatch puts global data at your fingertips. The shipments dashboard gives you a world-view of your product deployments past and present, with real-time shipment status directly from the carrier. You can also see specific details on what active certifications your products hold and the countries your products are already certified to export to. When you’re planning a new market entry strategy, you can navigate each country’s trade regulations, customs, and standards in Hatch, with a dashboard of country-specific insights, such as economic indicators, ease of import, import certifications, power cables requirements, and more.

Warranty & Support

Choose from an extensive menu of warranty options to confidently support your customers in far-flung corners of the world. When you’re competing for new business, deals can be won or lost based on your reputation for product support. MBX will collaborate with you to customize a support program that tips the scale to your advantage.

Flexible support options are designed with your products and customers in mind. Products can be purchased with system warranties ranging from 12 months to 63 months, including optional onsite next business day or same-day 4-hour response coverage for business continuity. Additional premium support programs include supplemental hardware support services for mission-critical applications for quicker problem resolution. And if your products deploy on Tier 1 systems such as Dell EMC or HPE, an elevated Tier 1 support program fills in the gaps of standard Tier 1 programs to deliver a more responsive level of customer service.

Detailed warranty information and expiration dates are available on all your deployed products. Wondering about an RMA? Click on an open RMA in Hatch for the status: original order serial number, start date, problem, repair order, status, and more is logged. For completed RMAs, see the finish date, troubleshooting, results, and outgoing replacement order.

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