No matter how complex your technology is, MBX’s high-variability manufacturing environment will make it easier to manage your hardware/software customization.

With your name on it, every product has to work right out of the box. We stake our reputation on safeguarding yours.


High-variability manufacturing is our sweet spot. If you want your hardware and software to be configured specifically for each customer deployment, our infrastructure is set up for it. On the flip side, if you are ordering a high volume of identical systems at a time, we also have the capacity to handle that.

Forge™ is our award-winning manufacturing ecosystem that provides you with a truly custom manufacturing experience without the time or expense of a custom set up. The Forge environment operates uniformly across MBX manufacturing sites globally to automate configuration, imaging, and testing operations to verify the consistency of every product we build. Security-related utilities and data collection in Forge provide system-specific traceability at the component level. Forge integrates with our Super Cell configuration center, a custom-designed hardware infrastructure that efficiently scales to configure and verify production orders up to 720 systems simultaneously by technicians connected via KVM over IP.

High Variability

A uniform and predictable end-user experience is key to a successful product rollout. For configurable products, this requires experience and expertise at planning and preparing for variability in your hardware and software requirements.

Prior to full manufacturing for your products, step-by-step assembly workflow and configuration instructions are captured in detailed build documentation. We also lock down fixed elements such as BIOS, OS, drivers, and firmware that ensure functional compatibility and consistency. Then to simplify the ordering process, the configurable bill of materials is set up in Hatch allowing you to tailor your product orders for individual customer requirements, such as CPU type, amount of RAM, and other variable options.

Test and Verification

Super Cells exchange data with both Forge and Hatch, providing many quality control checks with gating mechanisms and output reporting to verify the progression of all tasks for each system were successfully completed. Testing in Forge can be customized to target specific product requirements and feed custom-harvested data into Hatch, such as test results, serial numbers, and MAC addresses.

Enhanced testing options are available to expand testing for specific functionality, performance, or to simulate the end use. Our engineers can set up a dedicated testing fixture for you on our manufacturing floor that’s integrated into Forge to perform specialized functional testing for non-standard components or end-user customization.

Integrated Rack Deployments

Data-driven compute, analytics, and simulation solutions often deploy as partial or full rack systems or multi-rack assemblies and have multiple variables to build and test. Our dedicated rack integration infrastructure is designed to streamline the configure-to-order process and provide flexibility in product architecture, effectively saving you time and resources to manage deployments.

Aechelon Rack

Servers are assembled, imaged, and configured, then installed into racks with network switches, PDUs and anything else necessary for a plug-and-play deployment. Labeling and cabling provide uniform color coding and routing for ease of use. Functional testing validates that products are performing as intended. Then, racks deploy in custom shipping crates to assure secure, damage-resistant handling.

High-Complexity Builds

Solving complex software/hardware integration requirements often needs an innovative approach on the front end for consistent, predictable deployments. Complex product onboarding is one of MBX’s core competencies. Our engineering and software expertise paired with our consultative approach adds value by applying best practices to improve your overall product deployment experience, as well as to help adapt product variations for each different end-user scenario.

Features in Hatch and Forge are designed to effectively reduce the lead time to fulfill complex builds. Hatch allows you to upload your customer-specific software image, and post image scripts can be used to configure specific settings for each deployment. With dynamic visibility into order build status by work center in Hatch, you can see exactly where an order is in the production process and when it’s due to ship.

A few words on quality. Winning multiple manufacturing awards, especially for operational excellence, can’t be achieved without demonstrating some pretty buttoned-down processes for quality. We do this and also maintain the highest ISO 9001:2015 quality standards in both U.S. and EU facilities. By the numbers, we consistently exceed 99.5% defect-free quality, making us a pillar for quality in our industry.

Green Hippo Complex Variability Systems


Your brand is your identity, so shine a spotlight on it. Create a strong out-of-box experience for your customers and reinforce your brand name wherever your products are used.

MBX branding specialists can design every touchpoint from bezel to box for your brand to garner the attention it deserves. Whether it’s a custom-designed shipping carton or crate, a multi-layer custom faceplate with color-matched handles, branded cabinet rack, or simply replicating your existing branding design, options are available at any budget and quantity.

Custom FaceplateCustom FaceplateCustom Faceplate

Make a statement with branded faceplates and chassis in a range of finishes, textures, and colors. Custom faceplates add that “wow” factor and accommodate unique lighting and venting. For ease of installation and maintenance, your customers will appreciate color-coded labeling on the ports, lid or sill, and custom die-cut labels can be created for I/O shield ports.

First impressions last, so keep product packaging in mind. From custom-color cartons to low-budget bumper stickers, and custom foam inserts for holding items in place, let our branding and packaging experts guide you to what’s right for your products. We’ll also produce and stock your user manuals and installation guides if you’d like.

Standard Platforms 

  • Quick time to market
  • Off-the-shelf components
  • Optimized for application performance


Tier 1 Platforms 

  • Respected OEM server brands
  • Standard and/or custom components
  • Global certifications and warranties


1U-6U Platforms 

  • Customized component configuration
  • Short-, mid- and full-depth 1U chassis
  • Full-depth 2U – 6U rackmount


Custom Servers 

  • Industrial design engineered for manufacturability
  • Optimized for hardware/software performance
  • Adaptable chassis, componentry, special tooling, and more


Front Port Platforms 

  • Mid-depth rackmount platforms
  • Front ethernet ports and optional LCD
  • Label and cable color matching for easy installation



  • Low noise and power consumption
  • Multiple connectivity, CPU and HDD options
  • Optional LCD


Rack Integration 

  • Turnkey solution with multiple networked servers
  • Servers optimized for application performance
  • Full cable networking including switches


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