MBX is disrupting the hardware ecosystem with a software toolset you can use to manage your entire hardware program.

Our competitors don’t want you to see this page. This is where we crush it… enter Hatch

Light years beyond a customer portal, Hatch™ is the manufacturing orchestration software toolset that centralizes all the processes for your company to manage your complex hardware program. You no longer require a small army to manage all the moving pieces.

Configurable Products means choices without challenges.

You can easily customize product configurations for each customer. A single BOM contains pre-defined component groupings for thousands of potential hardware permutations you can choose at the push of a button.

Configurable Products

Manage Engineering Changes in a traceable repository.

Every description, due date, status, review, and approval is consolidated in one spot. Say goodbye to archaic spreadsheets, errant emails, and extraneous applications.

WIP Tracking in real-time down to the work center

…for accurately tracking customer orders in process. Now that’s serious transparency. If a production issue or component problem arises, Hatch flags it. There are no curtains to hide behind.

Intelligent Inventory Management shows everything, everywhere.

If your name is on it, from raw materials to branding to finished goods, it’s there. Generate custom reports and plan actions around replenishments, build schedules, and all things inventory related.

Global Compliance intelligence that can help you grow.

All your export shipments outside the U.S. are there, but that’s low hanging fruit. You also see countries your products are cleared to export to and what active certifications they currently hold, for you to go seize new markets.

Up to the minute Shipment Status for orders in transit.

We’ve taken a page from Amazon’s playbook and applied it at the enterprise level. See the progress of your orders in transit to customers as well as current and historical order data, consolidated shipping records and more, to gain a comprehensive global view of every shipment.

Ready to take control of your hardware supply chain?

Take a deeper dive into Hatch and see how its feature-rich interface lets you orchestrate your entire hardware program. Watch Hatch in action!


Cash may be king, but data rules. The faster and easier you can access your hardware program data, the smarter your operations can function. The MBX dev team helps you integrate your ERP with ours to automate the transmission of data. Popular ERP platforms such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and NetSuite are supported, and we can handle custom integrations as well. We also integrate with a number of productivity applications such as Slack and Office 365.

Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, and instantly searchable, available wherever you go. Communication in Slack happens in channels, organized by project, topic, team, or whatever makes sense for you. If you have a Hatch login click here to combine Hatch and Slack. If you don’t yet have a Hatch login, click here to contact us and start the process.

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The MBX Systems API allows you to integrate your internal operations with MBX Systems to automate and streamline activities such as purchasing, fulfillment and inventory management. Using our API and direct integration services you can reduce process time and lower your administration costs by pulling and pushing data directly between your system and MBX Systems operating platform.

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Exporting Hatch data to Excel has never been easier with the new Office 365 integration. Load and refresh your real-time Hatch data directly in Excel using the Excel Export Add-in. If you don’t yet have a Hatch login, click below to contact us and start the process.

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