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Global logistics, deployment and support, when and where it’s needed

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Customized inventory programs

Streamlined inventory approach based on your business model and geographic needs

For build to stock or build to forecast, we’ll have materials stocked and allocated for your orders

Our managed inventory model minimizes inventory costs by keeping goods on our books until they ship

Searchable inventory records down to the serial number of every component and MBX-built system are housed in Hatch

Create actionable reports for inventory planning from data analysis

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Turnkey global exportation

Seamlessly managing your product compliance and logistics as you expand to new markets

Successfully exporting customers’ products into 155+ countries keeps us current with changing trade laws

In-house compliance experts work with testing labs to achieve regulatory or country-specific certifications

Research and filings for trade classification, export licensing, duties and taxes and other admin

Importer of Record services from our facility to the final destination, from documentation to customs clearance

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Warranty program execution

Flexible support options are designed with your products and customers in mind

Products can be purchased with system warranties ranging from 12 months to 63 months

Optional onsite next business day or same-day 4-hour response coverage is available for business continuity

Premium support choices include supplemental hardware support services for mission-critical applications and quicker problem resolution
For products deployed on Tier 1 systems (Dell, Lenovo, HPE), an elevated support program delivers a more responsive level of customer service

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Reverse logistics

Hands-on reverse logistics and tracking until the product safely reaches its intended destination

Arrangements for retrieving and transporting the product to MBX or an alternate destination

Receiving and inspecting products returned to MBX as an RMA or demo system

Handling every step of the product’s hardware and software refresh and returning damaged parts to vendors when necessary

Ability to cross ship replacement components or systems to minimize end-user downtime

Looking to bring your product to market quickly?

Check out our Varion® reference platforms engineered for your industry

Plus, a toolset that provides global export knowledge to guide your growth

  • Extensive data on every country you can potentially expand to, from power requirements to ease of export
  • Shows every certification your products currently holds and where they’re cleared for export
  • Lists the country of origin of system components
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