Your Customized Hardware Program, Infinitely Easier to Manage.

Simplify your hardware supply chain and all the variables involved when MBX handles your complex system integration, manufacturing, logistics, and support requirements, with unparalleled transparency every step of the way.

Custom hardware program provider for:


Turbo boost your technology’s performance on hardware designed for the long haul.

Your complex technology shouldn’t require complex engineering. MBX streamlines your system integration to make it easy to configure to end-user specifications and server branding that stands out in the rack.


If you have variable manufacturing requirements, you’re speaking our language.

Our production processes are designed for high-variability and scalability needs. You can easily customize product configurations with pre-defined groupings on a single BOM and follow the progress of your WIP through our manufacturing work centers.


Tell us your target market locations, we can help you get there.

Global inventory, logistics, warranty, and support services are customized for your needs, with all the details for your hardware – current and historic – available at your fingertips.


Gain efficiency and transparency across your hardware program with Hatch.

Hatch™ is an industry-first toolset that intuitively helps you to manage, track, and collaborate on every detail of your hardware program in one place, developed by MBX and delivered via a secure cloud application.

Hatch is the holy grail of order-to-fulfillment tools. It helps us get the data we need about our products and all the information required to keep our fulfillment process running smoothly. When our customers, partners or sales teams ask about delivery times and shipment tracking numbers, the information is at our fingertips.