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Beyond great hardware, every customer benefits from our software tools to achieve a quality hardware program

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Hatch: Hardware supply chain orchestration

The industry's most advanced toolset for managing complex hardware programs

Hatch software revolutionizes hardware execution by transforming how hardware teams work. Purpose-built for the complexities of hardware management, Hatch blends disparate operational roles into a collaborative team, providing the tools and transparency to plan, manage, deploy, and support hardware solutions for improved execution – all within a single platform.

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What can hatch do for you?

Empower your team to work better together with Hatch

Your team can plan, collaborate and act on data within Hatch to help build a more efficient hardware program.

hatch for engineering


I want to...

Gain control over the evolution of my products

Time my software refresh cycle with hardware updates

Make it easier to see component options for my products

hatch for supply chain


I want to...

Know where every component is manufactured

Find out exactly where our orders are in progress

View inventory on hand and where it's located

hatch for logistics


I want to...

See where in the world our products have shipped

Know where global transit constraints may impact our deliveries

Grow into new international markets

Use our hardware orchestration platform for

Program transparency

Gain unprecedented levels of efficiency, transparency and interoperability for your hardware team

  1. Configurable products

  2. Engineering change

  3. WIP Tracking

  4. Inventory Management

  5. Supply Chain Analyzer

  6. Global Compliance

  7. Transit Disruptions Heatmap

  8. Hatch Connect

  • hatch product management revision control

    Configurable products

    Configurable Products means choices without challenges. Easily customize product configurations for each customer using a single BOM containing pre-defined component groupings for thousands of potential hardware permutations you can choose at the push of a button.

  • Hatch Engineering Change

    Engineering change

    Oversee engineering changes in a traceable repository. Every description, due date, status, review, and approval is consolidated in one spot. Say goodbye to archaic spreadsheets, errant emails, and extraneous applications.

  • hatch serial details

    WIP Tracking

    Tracking work in process in real-time down to the work center allows you to accurately update customers for orders in process. If a production issue or component problem arises, Hatch flags it. There are no curtains to hide behind.

  • hatch inventory management

    Inventory Management

    See finished goods, what’s allocated and what’s not, and raw materials on hand. With a few keystrokes you can change inventory levels, generate reports, and plan actions.

  • hatch accurate lifecycle tracking

    Supply Chain Analyzer

    International events can trigger supply chain obstacles at any moment. Besides showing the country of origin for individual components in your products, the Supply Chain Analyzer break down the overall percentage by country to guide product decisions.

  • hatch end to end traceability

    Global Compliance

    We’ve got an information hub that tells where your products are certified to ship and what you need to export to new countries. All the import/export requirements are there.

  • hatch shipments

    Transit Disruptions Heatmap

    Barriers to transportation forced by a variety of hazards lurk around every corner. To stay a step ahead and give your shipments the smoothest path to your customers, a daily glance at the transit heatmap tells you everything you need to know.

  • Hatch Connect

    Delight your customers with a personalized order-to-delivery experience while reducing your customer service costs and overhead. Hatch Connect is a data-driven platform deployed using your own domain and branding, providing data visibility that builds customer loyalty.

Tools & Integrations

One seamless bi-directional experience

Boost productivity, insights, and collaboration while automating mundane tasks

ERP integration to automate data exchange between your platform and MBX

Excel integration to move real-time Hatch data into your spreadsheets

Slack channel to streamline communication with your MBX account team

AI tool integration to sync Hatch data for predictive modeling and action

Custom integration using the MBX API to streamline routine activities

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Additional Core Features

Order index consolidates sales orders to filter and search

Configurable products nestles all component options on one BOM

Expert knowledge base shows every country’s import requirements

Warranty status keeps you a step ahead of expiration dates

Supply analyzer shows all of your components’ country of origin

Notifications and attachments consolidate all file attachments

Transit disruption dashboard pinpoints transportation delays worldwide

Slack and Microsoft integrations push and pull program data

Forge: test and verification


Maximize visibility + control with your hardware manufacturing through Forge.

Transparency and uniformity are fundamental to orchestrating your hardware operations. The interoperability between Hatch and our Forge automated manufacturing environment gives you real-time visibility to your products being built, configured, tested and verified. Only we give this level of granularity.

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