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5 Factors That Will Make You and Your Physical Security Systems More Competitive

April 11, 2021

Demand for physical security systems is booming, and that’s expected to continue. The market is forecasted to grow from $93.5 billion this year to $120.3 billion by 2025, according to research from MarketsandMarkets.

However, the research pointed to one significant challenge standing in the way: the integration of the logical and physical components of security systems.

It’s a hurdle that must be overcome for long-term business success. Customers today expect an “Apple-like” experience, where hardware and software combine to offer an out-of-the-box, fully integrated security solution that provides predictable performance.

For that harmonic combination to work, security software vendors must partner with trusted hardware providers to ensure a consistently reliable experience. “Any old server” simply doesn’t cut it. The wrong platform causes customer pains that can damage reputations for both software and hardware vendors.

Also, consider that first impressions are important. On the right hardware, your software will hit the ground running — winning over customers from the start. And the more reliably the software and hardware are integrated, the security system will continue providing excellent customer experiences.

Your security solution is mission-critical for your customers. Bolster your investment and reputation with the right hardware platform. MBX delivers the physical security systems that make your technology compelling and competitive.

“Any old server” simply doesn’t cut it.

The wrong platform causes customer pains that can damage reputations for both software and hardware vendors.

Here Are 5 Factors That We Believe Will Help You Win Customers And Grow Your Business.

1. Consistency

A hardware platform is the engine that keeps software running. You don’t want a surveillance system to shut down because it suffers from inferior components. And you certainly don’t need your service representatives to field calls from angry customers if a scenario like that happens.

MBX pours time and effort into building and maintaining a consistent, core security product portfolio. From end to end, we do the legwork to ensure that each component has a long lifecycle and provides optimal performance.

That starts with our extended partnerships with manufacturers and innovators. We nurture these relationships to understand product lifecycles, while proactively managing and controlling any changes or end- of-life replacement issues — before they become issues for your customers.

Yet, we don’t just take gear makers’ word for it. MBX tests and validates components, and we make sure that the hardware architecture is optimized for and can be easily integrated with security deployments. This saves time and costs for both you and your customers.

The MBX core product portfolio is researched, tested, validated, and standardized for optimized performance.

2. Availability

Hand-in-hand with consistency is availability. It shouldn’t take weeks or months to take receipt of high-quality surveillance systems.

Perhaps worse: Start the install of a security system only to find the hardware order is incomplete or incorrect.

Our MBX core product portfolio is stocked with a keen understanding and forecasting of market demands. We have built trusted partnerships with manufacturers to ensure a reliable supply chain.

While our turnkey security platforms fit most use cases, we also build custom solutions. MBX has in-house design engineering expertise to build different architectures to meet tailored security and safety system requirements.

The MBX core product portfolio meets a range of security and safety system needs. Once an order is placed, systems progress through configuration and are ready to ship in 3 days.

3. The Special Sauce: MBX Hatch™

An MBX customer called our proprietary orchestration toolset HatchTM “the Holy Grail” of order-to-fulfillment tools.

That’s because it provides visibility into hardware orders throughout the supply chain — from the manufacturing floor to arrival at your job site — all in real time to help keep your installation projects on track.

Yet, the benefits of Hatch don’t stop when the order arrives. We bundle all the hardware details of your order into Hatch. Each component can be quickly located with an identifier, such as the serial number or MAC address. When that part is viewed in Hatch, the user can see warranty and licensing information and quickly troubleshoot issues.

For example, if a customer reports a surveillance recording problem, your support rep simply logs into Hatch and within a few clicks, identifies the issue and troubleshooting begins.

Hatch saves time scrambling to find answers and eliminates the need to have hardware specialists on your customer support teams.

Hatch gives end-to-end visibility into the product lifecycle and reduces the complexity of hardware and component management.

4. A One-Stop Security Source

Another benefit of our core portfolio: We can supply the entire suite of Internet protocol (IP) video surveillance hardware. That includes everything from access control servers to artificial intelligence and analytics servers, plus associated hardware components for kitting, like cameras and cabling.

We take the guesswork out of physical platform configuration. Thanks to our wide range of hardware architectures, MBX has a solution that will fit your technology. During the consultation process, our expert MBX engineers will discuss ways to meet all of your required specifications — and can offer new ways to problem solve.

Then, we can layer on our Hatch solution for a single point of contact for product information. It empowers your teams to collaborate and manage all aspects of the security system lifecycle.

MBX provides a full suite of IP video surveillance hardware solutions, and streamlines everything from order to fulfillment and beyond with Hatch.

5. Business Value

MBX helps you provide an all-in-one, integrated security solution that is ready to go, out of the box. Our solutions save you time and effort, reduce customer friction, and give you competitive edge:

  • Provide superior customer experiences. Our core hardware portfolio provides predictable, reliable, and robust performance that will please your customers.
  • Mitigate risks. MBX provides all-in-one systems that meet your software’s specifications and needs, reducing the risk of performance issues and providing an out-of-the-box turnkey solution.
  • Save time and costs. Our integrated platforms reduce your hardware footprint and, once kitted, are available to ship within days. The faster the turnaround, the happier your customers will be.
  • Simplified management. The supply chain is a complex beast. HatchTM not only provides visibility across the chain, it also puts knowledge at your teams’ fingertips to quickly identify and rectify issues.

At the end of the day, we have a vested interest in making sure your company is successful. That starts with our robust hardware platforms, and runs straight through to the customer experience provided to your customers.

MBX provides superior physical security systems and orchestration to ensure that your technology delivers excellent customer experiences.

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