Get to Know Kori: The Future of Computer Vision Mobile Platforms

July 28, 2021

Deploy your camera-based technology on Kori, the quick-to-market mobile AI platform. Kori is modular and customizable for your software’s use case and integrated by MBX for turnkey deployments.

Take your technology exactly where it needs to go with Kori™, a modern mobile AI platform. With MBX + Kori, you gain the hardware building blocks and integration expertise to reduce the time and expense associated with bringing your camera-based technology to market.

The Kori mobile cart is designed for developers of surveillance, monitoring and analytics applications, and is configurable with every option you’d want on a camera-based cart. Its sleek modular design houses leading-edge technology from Dell, Nvidia, Intel and more, supports options like a display and articulating arm, and is pre-configured for an array of cameras such as Hanwha and Axis Communication — providing the ultimate combination of flexibility, form and function.

The value of Kori is more than the physical device. Kori is bundled with MBX’s engineering services to optimize your software’s performance, plus a developers kit to program its 246 individual LEDs with ease. The advantages are measurable — with Kori, it takes incredibly less time, effort and expense to bring a fully-integrated software/hardware solution to market that performs right out of the box.

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