Getting Off on the Right Foot: The first 90 days of your new job

May 17, 2021 —

Starting a new job is exciting…and it’s also one of life’s great stressors, joining the ranks of a new school year or even getting married. It makes sense, because there are parallels between these experiences. At school, you can feel anxious about trying to connect with new teachers (managers) and classmates (coworkers). And as for marriage, as the adage goes, “You don’t just marry a person, you marry a family.” Every family (company) has a distinct culture that binds its members (employees) together.

That’s why it’s really important to find a cultural fit with the company you plan to work for. At MBX, we work really hard at making sure job candidates are a good fit for our culture before we hire them into any position, because we invest a lot of time and resources into onboarding them into the company.

We spend the first 90 days of a new employee’s tenure setting them up to succeed.

Onboarding: The First 90 Days

If you’re not familiar with the term onboarding, it might sound like a check-in procedure for a cruise ship! Actually, onboarding is a comprehensive approach to bringing on new employees that goes beyond a simple orientation. It’s an investment in their success at their job and helps them feel more connected to the company.

The fact is, up to 20% of turnover happens in the first 45 days. Comparatively at MBX over the last three years, not a single new hire chose to leave within the first 45 days.

Why? Because we aim to give productive employees every reason to stay at MBX, and we know a new employee’s needs are much different than someone who’s been with us a year or more.

Those numbers show that it pays off to increase our new employees’ comfort level and contribution in the first 90 days, and we do a variety of things to achieve that, from lunches to introductions to meetings and more. For example:

A “Welcome to MBX” box waiting at your new work space when you arrive on your first day with fun and useful MBX-branded merchandise

  • “Meet & Greet” sessions with our executive management team one-on-one, to learn about the company’s overall strategies, direction and opportunities
  • Book Club “Lunch & Learns” during an employee’s first three months, rotating in other new employees to provide a structured way to meet and connect with coworkers
  • Community service projects to take a paid day off to volunteer with a variety of co-workers new and old, getting to know them casually outside the work environment
  • Check-in sessions after 30 and 90 days with managers and HR to take the pulse of the employee’s adjustment into their role at MBX, while making sure they have the tools and training they need to succeed
  • Quarterly All Company Meetings to engage new hires in our progress towards annual goals and various team-building activities; these also provides transparency into the company’s performance metrics, including financial goals

The list goes on and on…

We Try Harder

We’re often told by customers that MBX is the best kept secret, which is meant to be a compliment. We also hear the same from job seekers, which can be a concern to them — do I really want to work at a company that’s not well known? We get that, and we work hard to be an awesome award-winning place to work.

Once you’ve arrived at MBX and bust open the welcome box waiting for you on Day 1, it curbs the jitters. The first day on the job sets the tone for the future, and we intentionally create an environment that encourages people to not only jump in with both feet, but also refer their friends and family members to work at MBX, too, because great people know great people!

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