Hybrid Hardware as Building Blocks to Accelerate Medtech Applications Time to Market

August 3, 2021 —

The term hybrid is now ingrained into our vocabulary – hybrid cars, hybrid office, hybrid classes, hybrid cloud, and so on. This practice of merging two or more concepts for a better outcome also relates to physical technology – hybrid hardware systems.

What is a hybrid hardware system? It’s a concept similar to semi-custom or customizable off the shelf (COTS) hardware, but amplified. It’s part reference architecture – used as the base building blocks, and part custom – tailored components selected for both the use case and the specific needs of the software it runs.

Hybrid hardware deployments can also incorporate some type of accelerated software framework to optimize the hardware/software stack. Doing so can compress the overall development cycle for software companies to save an incredible amount of time and money compared to designing a custom product from the ground up.

If hardware building blocks and software/hardware optimization are intriguing to you, plan to attend two educational sessions during HIMSS presented by MBX strategists who will apply the concepts to real-world medtech solutions.

From Commodity to Custom – Finding Your Ideal Product Strategy

Justin Formella, MBX Chief Strategy Officer – Tuesday, August 10th at 10:45-11:05 am

Optimizing the Software and Hardware Stack for Computer Vision Applications

Roger Lam, MBX Director of Engineering – Wednesday, August 11th at 10:45-11:05 am

Other Advancements in Medtech in MBX Booth 1630-03

If you’re looking to transform your product delivery goals into real solutions, MBX is one of the visionaries located in the HIMSS Healthcare of the Future Pavilion – and we’re here for you! Building upon MBX hardware design, DFM and VAVE experience for complex medical technology, our engineering team will be on hand to talk about recent advances in medtech hardware working with the latest and greatest technologies from some of our strategic partners like Dell, Nvidia, Intel and more, for deploying applications such as:

  • AI/Computer Vision
  • Immersive MR/AR/VR
  • Connected Medical Devices
  • Custom & Embedded
  • Life Sciences

For AI/computer vision applications, we’ll also showcase our latest engineering achievement, Kori™: the mobile medical cart. We’ll be presenting Kori demos in the booth throughout the show, highlighting its modular and customizable options. Kori engineers will be on-hand to discuss the medical AI applications it can power.

The Kori demos will feature the NVIDIA Clara™ Guardian application framework, an additional building block that helps slash the time and expense of the product development cycle. Together, Kori and Clara are the building blocks for your AI technology to operate on a modern hybrid platform.

Bring your product ideas and complex challenges to MBX and we’ll build your solutions to make a real-world impact!

Contact us to get the ball rolling.


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Liz has worked extensively in the B2B marketing sector for over a decade focusing specifically in the field of computer hardware and software. She has established an impressive knowledge base of AHEAD's products and practices and strives to share this expertise through her publications.

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