MBX Introduces Reference Platforms for MR

December 9, 2020 | News

MBX Rolls Out New Reference Platforms for Mixed Reality

Manufacturer of deployment-ready and purpose-built hardware solutions for technology companies, MBX, recently introduced a new innovation for Mixed Reality.

The new line of MBX rack-mount and portable reference platforms for Mixed Reality promise support for exceptional next-gen technology experiences. With MBX Varion systems, companies can unlock a variety of training opportunities.

The MR reference platforms access the latest NVIDIA GPUs and Intel CPU technology options to push the boundaries of execution speed and image generation, while seamlessly connecting to market-leading options for head-mounted displays. MBX began showcasing its reference platforms at the Viitsec 2020 event, between the 30th  of November and the 4th  of December.

Visualizing the Future of Mixed Reality

Building on the intuition and expertise that MBX has to offer in the training and simulation environment, the new reference platforms have a lot to offer. MBX already has a robust background in manufacturing hardware for military and civilian use cases.

These new pre-engineered platforms will enable immersive experiences for training teams in everything from flight to vehicle, weapons, and medical systems. Benefits include:

  • Customization options to integrate ideal solutions for the customer’s mixed-reality needs.
  • Thunderbolt and USB ports for connecting to industry-leading displays
  • Immersive experiences powered by Intel Z490 chipsets and 10 th  Gen processors.
  • Thunderbolt 3, DDR4 memory, and PCIe 4.0
  • Cutting edge rendering through NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 GPUs
  • 25% performance enhancements on rasterization applications
  • 45% enhancement on ray tracing applications
  • 30 performance enhancements in hybrid applications with ray
  • tracing/rasterization A selection of cube, 4U and mid-tower form factor options offering a range of storage options for unique use cases.

With help from MBX, businesses of all sizes will be able to create more immersive mixed reality experiences that suit a range of training requirements.

Leading the Way to Mixed Reality Training

The new reference platforms for mixed reality deployments add to an already impressive portfolio of solutions from MBX. The company is rapidly emerging as one of the most impressive brands in the industry for value-added hardware management and engineering services. Solutions include the ability to provide government-compliant component sourcing to meet Federal Acquisition Regulation requirements (Section 889).

MBX can also supply environmental testing tools for tracking the noise, temperature, shock, and vibration issues of the use case in question. Additionally, the company has the capacity to customize headsets with components taken from a selection of high-quality partners. For instance, customers can access bespoke headphones and camera brackets that boost the quality of the simulated setting.

All that, and MBX also stands out for its commitment to ensuring hardware continuity and longevity, complete with timely refreshes to their platform offerings, and engineering that uses manufacturer component roadmaps and advanced component purchase services.

MBX is introducing the world to the next level of mixed reality solutions for training purposes and it’s opening the door to the reality of MR technology for enhancing business performance and outcomes.

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