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MBX Systems Expands Channel Program Targeting Hardware OEMs

August 25, 2020

LIBERTYVILLE, IL (August 25, 2020) – MBX Systems is expanding a channel strategy aimed at manufacturers of base servers used to build customers’ integrated hardware/software solutions.

It can work with channel partners to develop new business, provide consultative engineering that optimizes base OEM hardware for each end customer’s application, and integrate into partner operations to strengthen OEMs’ offerings.

These capabilities, as well as hardware supply chain and program management services that help the company win business vs. competitors, have attracted partners including Dell Technologies Design Solutions, the US-based tier-1 provider of customizable base systems, and Lanner, Inc., a Taiwan-based whitebox solutions supplier specializing in the IoT, telecom, embedded and utility sectors.

“Our ability to win and retain customers with value-added services not available from any other hardware integrator makes for exceptionally effective channel partnerships. We can orchestrate the entire solution and offload virtually all responsibilities from the hardware OEM while they perform the actual platform manufacturing,” said Dean Thuente, whose background includes more than two decades of channel experience with Avnet and Arrow Electronics.

“It’s a seamless relationship that helps our partners build their business by leveraging our ability to deliver a better customer experience from the first sales contact to every platform update.“

– Dean Thuente, Director of Channel Engagement

MBX engineers, builds, images, tests, ships and supports integrated software/hardware systems for technology companies that develop applications with demanding computational and processing needs. One of the key drivers of its business is MBX Hatch, a software toolset for hardware supply chain transparency. It saves customers hours of time and associated costs by consolidating order management, manufacturing orchestration, and warranty and support insights in a single interactive interface.

Hardware OEMs that partner with MBX gain key advantages in building their channel business including:

  • Faster customer onboarding leveraging MBX’s business development and sales engineering teams to create sales opportunities and provide upfront engineering platform configurations
  • Shortened time to market enabled by company’s reference platforms that minimize platform customizations, further reducing partners’ engineering responsibilities and helping both MBX and channel partners win customers by accelerating base platform delivery
  • The ability to handle high variability needs without extra sales or engineering overhead by accessing unique Hatch configuration management features enabling customers to quickly spec custom hardware platform requirements from variable BOM configurations
  • The option to build and image servers at the hardware OEM’s facility by integrating MBX Forge automated imaging, testing and verification technology into the partner’s manufacturing operations – a time and cost-saving strategy that eliminates the need to box, ship and unbox base units for imaging and testing at MBX production facilities while also providing the same quality assurance as MBX-configured systems with Forge’s built-in fail-safe processes
  • The option to enable customers to check manufacturing and shipping status themselves – with no partner involvement – by integrating Hatch with the hardware OEM’s systems for real-time tracking of orders in process

The features of Hatch combine with the company’s customer support services – including proactive hardware refreshes before components go EOL certifications where required, and warranty and maintenance support for systems deployed in the field – to help both MBX and channel partners close and retain business.

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MBX Systems provides purpose-built and deployment-ready hardware platforms on a foundation of customized services and interactive software tools for technology companies that deliver complex products as integrated hardware/software solutions. Building on 25+ years of experience and product deployments in 175 countries, the MBX ecosystem features MBX Hatch™, the industry’s most advanced toolset for orchestrating hardware program data and action. Hardware solutions are manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified facilities using the award-winning Forge™ infrastructure developed by MBX to automate customers’ high variability manufacturing requirements for faster time to market.

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