Purpose-Built Storage for Today’s Data-Intensive Software Deployments

October 13, 2022

The need for software to be agile and scalable when it’s being deployed on physical servers can be a challenge. “One size fits all” storage is slow and inefficient for today’s demanding workloads and increasing computational requirements such as AI model training, real-time analytics, private clouds, as well as massive-scale public cloud computing and storage.

Although the functionality of the software you develop may be similar for each customer implementation, their usage needs are often dissimilar. To make it scalable, adjustments to the architecture may be required.

Together MBX and Micron stand ready to help, by designing systems with proven, industry-leading enterprise SSDs that are optimized for diverse, demanding workloads from the application level to the storage core. It’s the best way to scale your product deployments to fit your “one size doesn’t fit all” customer base.

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