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Lifecycle Management



You can’t put a price on the value of keeping your technology humming, but you certainly can suffer the effects of poor planning and support — we’ll make sure that never happens

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Live Hardware Support

Raise the bar for your hardware support with our support team that sustains a 97.1% satisfaction

Front-line support to accommodate your customers throughout the life of their warranty

Responsively provides expertise to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve issues for you and your customers

Facilitates your demo hardware program including reverse logistics, refurbishment and restocking

Oversees enhanced 24/7 program options for troubleshooting and supporting mission critical technology

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Sustaining system engineering

Focus on developing your application instead of how to make it work on hardware

Creates a system image for your software and readies it for the production environment

Manages the engineering change order process for updates to hardware and firmware and your software for product refreshes

Assures the configured hardware passes performance, environmental, and compatibility testing

Verifies the total solution meets standards for repeatability in manufacturing

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Component EOL Tracking

Eliminate the complexity and bottlenecks of components going EOL with visibility and tracking in Hatch

Vendor roadmaps are continuously tracked across components in your platforms to plan for changes

A last time buy strategy can be implemented when you want to extend product shelf life

Advance planning allows time to test and transition to new hardware without issues

A compliance impact analysis is conducted for any new components

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Engineering Change Management

Gain a digital paper trail for your product evolution with comprehensive change order and revision control processes

Engineering changes are stored in a single location in Hatch to eliminate gaps in data

Retain a permanent record of every revision, providing clear traceability and accountability

Create, view, subscribe to and sign off on engineering change orders in progress

Review the change workflow including the description of the change, due date, status, and review/approval for open and closed change orders

Looking to bring your product to market quickly?

Check out our Varion® reference platforms engineered for your industry

See the interactive toolset that pulls it all together

  • Visibility into hardware and software evolution for the life of your products
  • Details spanning the past, present and future data for every component
  • Intelligently choose the best timeframe for your technology refresh by reviewing EOL dates
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